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I have an HF mobile setup with an ICOM 706MKIIG, AH-4 Tuner, and 102″ Whip in my 2002 Dodge Dakota. With this setup, I have made numerous contacts around the country and a couple to Europe and Australia while mobile.


This is the Icom AH-4 tuner. It is referred to as a “tuner” but technically it is an antenna “coupler”. The AH-4 gives the transceiver a good antenna match, regardless of the frequency being used and allows HF operation from 6 meters (50MHz) through 80 meters (3.5MHz) without the need to change the antenna. Note that a correct installation has the shortest possible cable run from the coupler to the antenna using stranded wire, not coax.


This is the cable run along the inside of the truck bed. RG-8/U coax is being used (although RG-58/U will work fine). The smaller cable is the control cable for the AH-4 tuner. This allows tuning from inside the cab with the push of a button. I have also installed a two way switch which allows me to connect the transceiver directly to a permanent antenna (such as a dipole) when parked for better efficiency.


Installation of the 706MKIIG remote head on the console.


A VHF/UHF antenna is permanently mounted in the center of the roof. The 102″ HF whip is mounted at the left rear.

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